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The following testimonials are genuine feedback from some of Sara's clients. In order to maximise confidentiality the names or initials of the clients will not be given.



'Thank you for seeing and valuing the positive bits of me. You have always somehow been able to bring the best in me. I have always felt accepted and noticed by you. You have an amazing gift of valuing people even when I have shown you the more challenging, difficult parts of me.'


'You have shown me that it is ok to be good enough, that actually striving for perfection is an unobtainable goal. That it is ok to recognise my flaws and still feel worthwhile. Your warmth and honesty have made me feel accepted.'

'I feel blessed to have had you as my therapist because of your compassionate and gentle, but firm and insightful way with words and people. You have seen things in me that I was unable to and offered the understanding that I had been lacking in my life, to allow me to start seeing those things for myself.'

'Sara, I have spent most of my life not properly attaching or bonding with people for terror of being hurt. It has been different with you. Your understanding, compassion, humour and tenacity have allowed a connection I had never imagined. I am so grateful I had the chance to work with you.'

'Thank you for everything. I don't have the words to say how deeply I feel about the gift of life I now have and that would not have been possible without you.'

'You get the balance between therapist and human being just right and your humour, energy and compassion are inspirational.'

'Sara, you gave me permission to grieve and reach the child inside me and allowed me to know that I am valid and to find my voice. Thank you for these most important gifts.'

'Thank you for your challenges and never being frightened to say it as it is like so many people in my life have been! I will miss your humour too.'

'Your belief in me has inspired me throughout my journey and allowed me to take huge, brave leaps forward and find more reasons to smile about being alive.'

'Allowing myself to care and be cared for before this journey just seemed an impossibility. You have played such an important role in helping me to allow myself to accept the nurture and care and I am able to do that for myself now’.

‘Thank you so much for helping me with finding and accept myself. I now have the safe, warm feeling that you gave me inside me. I can 'own' that for myself now!'


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