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Sara offers online coaching, counselling and psychotherapy in the form of video link which enables both parties to see each other and talk comfortably and confidentially.


Studies suggest that online therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy and that the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist develops at an equally quick and effective pace.


Online therapy offers flexibility and convenience and may be helpful for individuals who:


• Have difficulty leaving their environment due to psychological or practical reasons

• Are short of time

• Geographically isolated

• Away from their home base

• Situated far away from Oxford or the UK therefore enabling Sara to work with clients worldwide in addition to those based in England.


Confidentiality is absolutely pivotal in building a secure therapeutic relationship and is something Sara takes seriously. It is for this reason she uses the FDA registered, HIPAA compliant video technology called VSee..


VSee offers maximum protection and security with regards to personal health information. It is used by NASA, the Navy SEALS and the US Congress which is testament to its security. This prevents any unauthorised third parties from recording or listening in on any video links. For more information on VSee or to sign up please follow this link:

Online therapy

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