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The Sapiens team are passionate about empowering young people to connect with their emotions and find ways of managing them positively. They believe that building emotional resilience and gaining insight into the relational world of the human provides the essential foundation for security in adulthood so desperately needed by our young people today.

How can Sapiens help?

 How can Sapiens help

The Sapiens team work with schools to design and deliver bespoke Building Emotional Resilience Training (BERT) programs.


The use of the words emotional resilience instead of focusing on titles such as self-harm training are important in terms of minimising stigma for those choosing to attend and also as a way of promoting positive movement toward emotional Wellbeing rather than pathologising emotional distress.


A tripartite approach is used providing input for students, parents and teachers. Each group explores issues around emotional resilience and reflection on the current profile of a decrease of such in our young people today.


Each BERT program is individualised to the school depending on the school's profile of the problem identified as well as evidence presented by research.


BERTs aims


The aim of BERT is to speak frankly and openly about issues such as self-harm as well as exploring ways to build pupil self-esteem and emotional resilience by exploring practical management of emotions as well as finding words for intense and confusing emotions.

BERT also aims to provide teachers with confidence in their ability to promote and facilitate discussion about emotional wellbeing and increase parents' confidence in their ability to support their child, with the learning for some having a significant impact on the parent/child relationship

BERT gives both parents and teachers an understanding of self-harm from a variety of perspectives, explore the concept of harm minimisation and feel more empowered and equipped to respond to young people who self-harm. They will be given the opportunity to explore their own feelings towards self-harm, reflect on them and how they influence their relationships and communication with young people


Emphasis is placed on the educative aspect of this commonly feared subject and development of robust, empathic ways of communicating between all three groups


For further information or to book a consultation contact the team at: [email protected]

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