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Sometimes a staff team can experience a collective psychological distress. This can manifest as poor moral, low energy, burnout, absenteeism, poor staff retention, a paranoid, hostile culture and lack of productivity (symptoms).


The precursors (Source) to this state are multifaceted such as workload, financial constraints, interpersonal dynamics, and organisational dynamics. The source and the symptoms feed each other often producing poor communication and a negative, multidirectional cycle is developed.

Group based Programmes

Group based Programmes-diag

Sapiens work with the whole team to explore subjects together, as a group, which can contribute to development of increased wellbeing, cohesion and satisfaction within the team. Whilst the programme is tailored to each organisation here are some examples of the type of subjects we cover when working with teams:


Building effective relationships:

Practice oriented training which gives a framework for understanding conflict and difficulty in relating to others. This assists with working effectively and non-defensively with conflict and encourages open, authentic communication within the team.


Holding boundaries:

Practice orientated training which gives a framework for understanding the emotional, intellectual and physical boundaries around ourselves and others. This builds understanding of the other and assists in asserting ones need in the work environment thus improving emotional wellbeing.



A frank look at communication and the overt and implicit forms and the effects these can have on a relationship. This training provides a model which will assist in identifying when we are being unconsciously drawn into unhelpful forms of communicating.


Stress and burnout

This training provides a frank look at stress and the long term implications of it on an individual and team. Ways of combating this and managing it when it occurs in the short and long term are explored.


Change management.

This training provides an exploration of managing the cycle of change and the introduction of techniques to help increase the ability to recover from periods of change as a collective incorporating the stages of grief for the loss of what once was.


Creating a positive team environment

This training centers around the power of the group as a collective force and provides a framework for discovering and engaging the creativity and motivation within the team.


Personality types

This training provides a framework developed by Sapiens which denotes 10 different personality types which are present in all human beings in some degree or another. It details each domains positive aspects as well as the negative and encourages effective working with each in order to enhance the positives with the workplace. This also provides the individual with a chance to explore their own psychological makeup and how this marries or is conflictual with others improving insight into possible areas for personal growth.


Managing emotions

Alongside stress come a myriad of emotions. Sometimes these are intense. This training encourages individuals to become aware of their own emotions and how ‘overspill’ of these can negatively impact their connection with others. Napoleon offered a lesson in this regard when he proffered that anger is the emotion most likely to hijack reason, both when you experience it and you pass it on. Ill expressed anger can be toxic and it is most likely to occur in times of stress. It not only eliminates the ability to think clearly but also make good decisions and function productively. This encourages staff to reflect on their own relationship with their emotions and how this translates or disrupts the workplace.


With all group programmes it is recommended that the managers or leaders of the team take part also and that the organisation considers providing the Leadership development option to maximise cohesion and the development of a well-functioning team.


To enquire further about group programmes for your organisation contact Sara at: [email protected] 



© Copyright 2015 Sapiens. All rights reserved.  

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