Please note: Sapiens is not a hotline or manned 24 hours a day. We are unable to respond to crisis calls or crisis emails.

If you need immediate help, please contact your GP or local crisis service providers.

The team at Sapiens has worked in some of the largest organisations in the UK both as employees and leaders. Their experience has shown them time and again that the problems that present within a team or organisation are inevitably down to a breakdown or rupture in communication between the people involved and a gap in understanding of how people ‘tick’.


In addition to the dynamics within the work environment staff have a life outside, complete with its ups and downs, which can sometimes affect the individual at work or add a further dynamic in a team.


The Sapiens team embraces the idea that the staff team is the single most important and valuable asset an organisation can have. Therefore the wellbeing of each individual and team as a collective is paramount and central to ongoing productivity, staff retention, creativity and success.


Sapiens offers bespoke services for organisations looking to promote and truly enhance the wellbeing of their staff. They offer


  • Individual Employee Assisted Programmes (EAP) to help employees deal with their emotional and psychological issues before it impacts on their work

  • Group based programmes for staff teams on a number of topics to enhance wellbeing and effective relationships

  • Leadership development, 


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